Our Team

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I am the owner of Sleep Clinics Albury and Wodonga. I have lived in the Albury region for more than 16 years and am proud to raise my four children here. My passion is health and as a qualified pharmacist have looked after patients needs as part of my job. I developed a keen interest in sleep apnoea many years ago and have treated patients in the pharmacy setting for more than 15 years.

I saw the opportunity to take it one step further and give patients an exclusive place to come to get treatment, support and education. I look forward to running education evenings through our new store to help patients even further.

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Jenna has worked as both a retail manager and a pharmacy assistant for over 9 years. Working at Gardens Compounding Pharmacy sparked her interest in the Sleep Apnoea field and she has made a beautiful transition into welcoming you with a friendly smile when you enter our Sleep Clinics Reception.

With a thorough enjoyment of learning new things each day and a keen interest in the field of Sleep Apnoea, Jenna believes there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the positive changes in our patients during and after their treatment with our wonderful consultants.

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Sandy has experienced 50 years in the field of customer service- mainly in hospitality, with some time in optometry and the residential  building industry. All of this experience has enabled Sandy to provide quality service with a professional, friendly attitude.

Personal experience as a Sleep Apnoea patient since June 2018, has also given a hands-on understanding of what our patients may experience.