Sleep Health

We all know that good sleep is one of the most important parts of a healthy life.
Getting a good night’s sleep makes you more alert, increases your energy levels and improves concentration.
Not to mention making you feel great!
But what if we told you that 4 out of 10 Australians aren’t getting a healthy sleep? When it comes to your health and well-being, getting enough sleep is vitally important, and once you’re getting better sleep you can start enjoying life to its fullest.

Now is the time to improve your sleep health, and really live your best life.

What is sleep health?

Lack of sleep can be as damaging to your overall health as eating poorly and failing to exercise. Sleep health isn’t just about the amount of time you’re asleep, but the quality of sleep you’re getting. If you’re snoring through the night or suffering from broken sleep, you may find yourself with a headache when waking up, feeling drained of energy and causing damage to your health.

Why is sleep health important?

Both your body and mind are relying on a good night’s sleep in order to function correctly and remain healthy. As we sleep, the body goes through many important functions to help the body repair from the rigours of the day, and quality sleep also supports brain function, concentration and your memory. If you’re suffering from sleep deprivation or sleep apnea, you’ll know that you simply don’t feel refreshed in the morning.

Being too much of a night owl can lead to ongoing, chronic health problems which could be avoided by improving your sleep health. With better sleep health, you’ll also find an improvement in your mood, memory, reaction times and you’ll likely decrease your risk of making mistakes and being involved in accidents.

Remarkably, millions of Australians are suffering from poor sleep health or a lack of sleep, and suffering health effects as a result.

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